Remembering and putting into practice the full strategy of playing Deuces Wild video poker may seem like a bit of a hassle for a large number of novice players. If you want to start the game faster, but at the same time recklessly not throw money down the drain, you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules set out in a simplified strategy. This will allow you to keep within a decent framework the mathematical advantage of the casino, and if you play judiciously and slowly, you can even almost compare with it in this component.

So, we consider situations in which cards were dealt to you with or without deuces.

Cards with deuces

  • If you were given four deuces, leave all the cards, because you better not collect anything.
  • If you are dealt three deuces, leave cards under the “wild” Royal Flush or Five of Kind. Otherwise, leave only deuces.
  • If you were dealt two deuces, leave any combination starting with Four of Kind and older. Also leave any four cards under Royal Flush. Otherwise, discard everything except the deuces.
  • If you were dealt one deuce, leave any paid combination, breaking it only if there are four cards on Royal Flush. Also leave four cards under the Straight Flush and three cards under the Royal Flush. If there are no such options, discard everything except the deuce.

Cards without deuces

  • Leave all paid combinations. You can break them only if there are four cards on Royal Flush.
  • Leave four cards on the Straight Flush
  • Leave three cards on Royal Flush
  • Leave any pair (leave two pairs only in those rare versions of the game where Full House is paid as Four of Kind)
  • Leave four cards on Flush
  • Leave any two cards of the same suit: 10, J, Q or K
  • If you have not been dealt any of the above, feel free to discard all five cards and get new ones.

To get started, these rules can be printed out and contact them for help, play in virtual casinos. Before making any decision, make sure that it is correct. This is the advantage of virtual casinos – no one will rush you.

Errors when playing Deuces Wild
Based on experience, most newcomers make the following mistakes that contradict the correct strategy of the game in Deuces Wild.

  • They leave the highest card, although only one can be left as a deuce.
  • They drop deuces in certain situations, although this can never be done, even if you can pull on a clean Royal Flush.
  • They leave a deuce with some card, which is not true in any situation.
  • Break a pair to catch Flush or Straight, although this pair would give them more chances to win.
  • Leave two pairs, although Full House in this game is paid low.

We specifically pointed out these errors, because it is easier to avoid them.

With the help of the short version of the strategy for playing Deuces Wild set forth here, you will be well aware of the basics of the correct video poker game. Be sure to subsequently study the full table of combinations and payments, this is necessary for the game, at least close to professional.