To order payment of winnings in an online casino, in most cases, verification is required, that is, documentary evidence of personal and payment data. The owners of online casinos need verification for various reasons, at least verification helps the casino to increase protection against multi-accounts. If you are going to play in a casino for money, then you need to be prepared to verify your account. You can provide the casino with the necessary documents in advance, even before making a deposit, then you will get rid of possible problems with the withdrawal of funds won in the future.

IMPORTANT! When registering at an online casino, always fill in the data correctly. Be careful and try not to make mistakes. You may need to confirm this data in order to be able to get your winnings.

In different casinos, the verification procedure may differ slightly, for example, the list of necessary documents or requirements for their quality may differ. But, basically, to verify an account in an online casino, the following documents are required:

Scan or photo of an identity document
Verification of identity is carried out by sending a scan of the passport: page with photo (spread), page with registration address. You can use a scan of a passport or driver’s license. Many casinos are allowed to paint over the number and series of the document.

Scan or photo of a document confirming residence
A document confirming your place of residence can be: a payment receipt, an apartment bill, a phone bill or Internet bill, or another official document that shows your name and surname, as well as your address. The prescription of the document should not exceed 3 months.

If you are not the owner of the property in which you are registered, then the receipt will accordingly not contain your personal data. If the name on the receipt does not match yours, another document in your name may be suitable for verification of the place of residence, in which the address is indicated, for example: you can take an extract from the bank.

Scan or photo of payment cards
If you use a credit card for deposits and withdrawal of won funds, you need to provide a scan or a high-quality photo of the card from two sides. The cvv2 code can be painted over.

Screenshot of payment system page
If you use payment systems to fund your casino account, you may be asked to provide a screenshot of the payment system page where your data should be visible: name and surname, account number and (or) email address.

IMPORTANT! Scans and photos should be clear, all corners of documents should be visible.

Copies of documents can usually be downloaded in a special section of the casino player’s personal profile, or they must be sent by email to the casino support team.